FLAT EGG - Shampoo Bar / Bath Bomb Mould

It couldn't be easier to use this FLAT EGG shaped gorgeous 3 piece shampoo bar / bath bomb mould! They are designed to be used by hand so no need to buy an expensive bath bomb press. Simply put the tube on top of the base, fill with your favourite recipe and then put the plunger on top. Press down firmly and voila! A perfectly formed shampoo bar! 

For shampoo bars, we do recommend using a bit of cling film/shrink wrap on the inside of the base and the inside of the plunger to make it easier to get them out as the mixture can sometimes stick to the inside. For the bath bombs/shower steamers you don't need to do this as the mixture is very different.

The best thing is that the moulds are made from PLA which is a nature-derived "plastic" type material made from corn starch so they are completely eco friendly. They are fully compostable and biodegradable so they are great for the environment.

Available in 3" x 2" and also 2.5" x 1.5". The thickness of the finished bar will depend on how much you fill the mould. Suitable for SHAMPOO BARS, BATH BOMBS AND SHOWER STEAMERS.

Mould comes in 3 parts:

1x Tube.
1x Base
1x Plunger

*** CARE INSTRUCTIONS*** - To clean the moulds please do not soak in water as they can come apart.  Simply wipe them clean with a cool damp cloth (please don't use hot water as the material is sensitive to heat, only use cool or lukewarm water).  If you are making bath bombs/shower steamers then please ensure that the moulds are completely dry before use otherwise they can active your mixture.

Returns: We do not accept returns on used products, however, please contact us if you have any questions on using the moulds.

Have fun making the perfect shampoo bars and bath bombs!!!!

*Shampoo bars in photo not included*

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